How not to get ripped off!

Considering cheap boiler installations quotes, then here’s some guidance and signs to look out for so you can avoid being ripped off or put in danger

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There are a few things to know when considering quotes for cheap boiler installations. Here’s how to spot dodgy deals and rip-off’s by rogue traders and scammers.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you are investing in your home. Investing in properly installed appliances means they will last longer.

A cheap installation probably means that the operative has skipped the manufacturer’s installation requirements. Consequently, your cheap job could end up costing you so much more.

The perils of ‘cheap’

A boiler (or any appliance) not installed according to the manufacturer’s installation requirements, could therefore mean you won’t be eligible to their guarantee. Even worse, your appliance could also be dangerous. Whether it be a new boilershowergas cooker or a new hot water storage vessel. The list is endless when it comes to installation faults.

For example:

  • the flue incorrectly installed,
  • gas supply not the correct size for the appliance,
  • wrong ventilation.

All these could be life threatening!

Cheap Boiler Installations Checklist

Here’s a checklist to help guide you to making sure you don’t get ripped off for any work being undertaken on your central heating or plumbing:

  • If it’s gas work, including central heating repairs or a new gas boiler installation, check they are Gas-safe registered. And for how long 
  • Do they have a Gas Safe ID card?
  • Are they Gas Safe Registered to work on that particular appliance?
  • Check your Gas engineer’s Qualifications at
  • How long have they been in business in your area?
  • Have they got public liability insurance to work in your home?
  • Do they have approval by the manufacturer to install the appliance?
  • Will you get a VAT invoice? Sometimes the absence of VAT can be a sign that something is amiss.
  • How easy are they to get a hold of if you have a problem?
  • Will they be registering your guarantee for you appliance? And how long is the guarantee?
  • Will they register your appliance with gas safe for a Gas safe Certificate to prove the installation is open to inspection from gas safe and installed to building regulations?
  • Finally, check the paperwork – is your appliance manual filled in ie. The bench mark certificate or log book.

The low-down on Gas-safe Registered

There are lots of areas to be Gas Safe for and you will find it’s a different qualification for different types of gas appliances. Consequently, if they are not qualified to install or work on your appliance the engineer (or plumber) might be breaking the law. In addition, they could be leaving you with possibly a dangerous installation and no guarantee from the manufacture.

You have to have separate qualifications for Gas fires, Warm Air units. Gas cookers, Agars, Unvented Hot water systems, Solar Panel’s, Gas Boilers Domestic and commercial.

Check the back of the engineer’s Gas Safe Card. Because this card lists their gas-safe registered abilities.

Dodging rip-off merchants

Remember: if a quote you receive is much cheaper than others, there’s usually a good reason why. Hopefully this checklist will help you work out WHY and also avoid any costly disasters with cheap boiler installations.

Next Steps

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