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Power Flushing Central Heating Systems

Over time, a build up of oxide sludge, dirt and limescale can collect in your central heating system and this causes your system to run less efficiently. It’s time for Power Flushing if when you bleed your radiators the water that comes out is black. It should be clear.

To keep your central heating clean and prevent severe flow blockages, poor radiator heat and boiler parts to slowly deteriorate, we recommend? a power flush.

A power flush cleans your central heating system thoroughly, thereby improving it’s life span.

We offer an affordable power flushing service to help keep your central heating system functioning properly.

Power Flushing has many advantages:

Power flushing gives your system a new lease of life

Central heating Power flushing is completed within 3 to 4 hours

Our power flush service is fully guaranteed

Low cost - you won't find cheaper power flushing anywhere

power flushing central heating systems

6 signs that your system needs Power Flushing


Poor hot water production and temperature


Black/dirty water discharges when you bleed radiators


Radiator temperature fluctuation


Slow heat-up times


Erratic boiler functionality


Frequent boiler and central heating repairs

The major benefit of flushing your system is that it can cure most hot water and heating problems, but also prolong the life of your boiler.

What is a Power Flushing?

The term power flushing is used to describe high flow / low pressure cleaning of your boiler and central heating system. No damage is caused during flushing, with chemicals and filters used to remove sludge built-up and lime scale.

A power flushing machine is directly connected to the central heating or via a radiator. Chemicals are then pumped around your central heating pipes and, using a dump pipe, debris and scale are forced out to a drain, resulting in faster heat up times, even heat distribution and stabilised hot water temperatures.

Power Flushing with Magnatec or Magnaflow

Our power flushing solution includes the Magnatec Filter which removes suspended black iron oxide contamination from the flushing water, ensuring a more effective power flush with a reduction in chemicals and less disruption to the householder, due to shorter flushing time.

Once your central heating has been internally cleaned we’ll install a Magnaflow Filter into your pipe-work to ensure that your heating system stays free from oxide sludge and limescale blockages in the future.

Low Power Flush Costs

Our power flushing costs are very competitive, affordable and come with a full guarantee. Contact us today to organise a power flushing for your central heating system and boiler.

We cover locations in and around London, Watford, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.


How it works:

We agree a date and time to suit your schedule.

We will call you when our engineer is on their way, so that you can be ready for their arrival.

Our engineers will arrive at the agreed time, show identification and be wearing our official Advanced Heating & Plumbing uniform.

We will answer any questions and give you our expert advice throughout the whole process.

We know that having strangers in your home can be uncomfortable, so we’ll do our best to put you and your family at ease.

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Tony has worked for us twice, the last a difficult job replacing an aged boiler that was in a confined space. He was very well organised and professional and he and his colleague Taylor always courteous. When replacing the controller, there was a particular problem created by our old programmer?s wiring and he worked on it relentlessly until the system was working perfectly. Definitely recommend.

David Fisk

Tony and Taylor were very efficient and friendly. We went out and left them to get on with the work of installing our new boiler. When we came back the job was done: very much to my satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Peter Chadwick

Superb service provided by the boys from AHP – an old boiler inspected and the new one installed in record time; throughout this the guys were professional and skillful whilst remaining friendly and personable at all times, answering every question and returning phone queries within minutes. I would not hesitate to call again should the need arise and can only recommend their effectiveness and friendly demeanor.
Dal K.

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