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Getting your home upgraded to SMART heating systems doesn’t have to be difficult.

We take away the stress of choosing and installing the most appropriate SMART Heating Control system in your home.

Start controlling the heat in your home and fuel bills.

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Get Smart with Smart Controls

For homes in London, Watford, Hertfordshire and Middlesex locations

Save money and take control of your heating bills with Smart Controls – we install Smart Controls so you can control your heating by your smart device.

Smart Central Heating and Hot Water Controls

Smart Controls connect wirelessly to the internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that you can control your heating and hot water system where ever you happen to be as long as you have access to the internet via your PC tablet or smart phone.

Will a Smart Control work on my set up?

The answer is yes! Almost all systems can be made to accommodate Smart Controls in one form or another. All you need is wifi and electricity!

Can Smart Controls save me money?

Yes! Smart controls will save you money short-term and long-term and depending how frugal you are with them.

You have the power to control your heating system room by room, at any moment of the day or night which means you have more control over your heating consumption and therefore your heating bills.

Smart Controls Know When you’re out

For example, if you are staying out for the evening, the central heating can remain off. Equally, when you’re on your way home, you can switch the heating on in advance so that your home is warm on your arrival.

Smart Controls have optimisation which means it works out how long the heating needs to be on to reach your comfort heating level, taking into account outside conditions and temperature, which means it predicts an earlier or later start up times.

Read our more comprehensive guide to Smart Heating Controls, features and benefits in our Knowledge Article – What are Smart Heating Controls

Smart Controls for your heating with your smart phone
control your heating with smart controls
how Smart controls for heating work

How do Smart Controls benefit me?

Your energy consumption is catalogued

Optimise your heating consumption based on outdoor temperatures

Automatically detect when no-one is home and can then switches off the heating

Learns from your usage and suggests on/off times which means you save on energy bills

Access to free apps that can let you monitor your energy usage

How it works:

We agree a date and time to suit your schedule.

We will call you when our boiler engineer is on their way, so that you can be ready for their arrival.

Our engineers will arrive at the agreed time, show identification and be wearing our official Advanced Heating & Plumbing uniform.

We will answer any questions and give you our expert advice throughout the whole process.

We know that having strangers in your home can be uncomfortable, so we’ll do our best to put you and your family at ease.


How much does it cost to have a Smart Control Installed?

Installation start at around £200, so it won’t break the bank, and remember your fuel bills will be smaller

What do I do to get a Smart Control installed?

Simply call us (or use the contact form) to initiate. We will organise an engineer to visit you at your home and we will have you up and running with your new Smart Control within 24 hours.

What are Smart Controls?

Smart Controls connect wirelessly to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They allow you to control your heating and hot water system by your smart phones, PC or tablet whenever or wherever you happen to be. Read our comprehensive guide to what are Smart Heating Controls


How long does it take to have a Smart Control installed?

Usually an hour to 2 -3 hours.

What's the benefit of Smart Controls?

Smart Controls catalogue your energy use so you can better see where and how your energy is consumed.

Smart Controls optimise your system with the outside temperature saving money.

Smart Controls can also tell whether someone is at home and so switch off your heating if no one is home

Smart Controls always helps you save money by suggesting times on and off as many smart controls learn from your usage.

The apps that come with the smart controllers normally give you monthly usage of energy so you can really keep an eye on things (which are all free).

What else do I need to know about Smart Controlling my heating?

There are new efficiency standards which were introduced in April 2018 with the objective of reducing the amount of fuel we consume to heat and produce hot water in our homes.

It is now a requirement for every new boiler installation to be fitted with a programmable room thermostat.

For central heating or hot water systems additional energy saving measures have to be included.

There are 3 requirements now made by building regulations:

  1. Every boiler installation must have an ErP efficiency of at least 92% (not to be confused with boiler efficiencies which are 89-94%
  2. All new boilers must be fitted with a programmable time and temperature controls like a programmable room thermostat.
  3. An additional energy saving measure must also be installed for combination boilers from the
    a. Weather compensation control
    b. Load compensation control
    c. Smart control with automation and optimisation functions scheme
    d. Flue gas recovery unit – this sits above the boiler and recovers heat from the flue. It is reported to reduce gas consumption by up to 4%.

It just goes to show that with today’s technology, you really can save money on your heating system with these very clever organised Smart responsive systems.

Read our comprehensive guide to what are Smart Heating Controls

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Tony has worked for us twice, the last a difficult job replacing an aged boiler that was in a confined space. He was very well organised and professional and he and his colleague Taylor always courteous. When replacing the controller, there was a particular problem created by our old programmer’s wiring and he worked on it relentlessly until the system was working perfectly. Definitely recommend.

David Fisk

Tony and Taylor were very efficient and friendly. We went out and left them to get on with the work of installing our new boiler. When we came back the job was done: very much to my satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Peter Chadwick

Superb service provided by the boys from AHP – an old boiler inspected and the new one installed in record time; throughout this the guys were professional and skillful whilst remaining friendly and personable at all times, answering every question and returning phone queries within minutes. I would not hesitate to call again should the need arise and can only recommend their effectiveness and friendly demeanor.
Dal K.

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