6 Checks to discover whether a leaking boiler is dangerous

If you are worried that your leaking boiler is dangerous, then read this article. Here’s 6 checks to discover whether your gas or electric boiler is safe to use.

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The first indication that we notice when your boiler isn’t working happens when the water turns cold during a shower. Or during the cold winter months radiators stay cool when they should be piping hot. We’re often inconvenienced at the worst possible times.

For those dealing with tight schedules or school drop-offs, a lack of heating or hot water can cause no-end of problems.

Is my gas or electric boiler safe to use?

But what if your boiler is actually un-safe to use? How do you know? Use this checklist to discover if your leaking boiler is safe to continue using.

1. Boiler Pressure is too High

  • Many customers see the pressure on their boiler going up and up and are worried it will explode – Please do not worry, this will not happen
  • It’s possibly because the boilers expansion device is faulty or that the fill valve has been left open
  • There’s always a safety valve on the boiler, so this will deal with the pressure if it gets too high. Excess water will be discharged to the exterior of the property

You must isolate your boiler from both water and electrical supply then seek professional assistance to inspect the problems and remedy the fault

2. Boiler Pressure is too Low

  • If the pressure on your boiler is to low the boiler can make strange clanking and banging noises
    • Again, please do not worry – when this happens, it means there’s simply not enough water in the boiler.
  • The boiler will overheat and the pump will make a grinding noise. The safety devices will stop the boiler from running very quickly, if it hasn’t done so already.
    • Again, in this situation, you must isolate your boiler from both water and electrical supply and seek assistance to remedy the fault.

3. Boiler is making strange Noises

There are lots of reasons your boiler could be making strange noises, but thankfully, most will not be of any threat to your safety.

Your boiler has safety devices built in to deal with all of the following scenarios:

  • Faulty pump (grinding)
  • Faulty fan (whistling or rattling)
  • Too much water pressure going through boiler (noisy water supply)
  • Not enough water in the boiler or central heating system (banging or knocking) causing overheating as air turns to steam inside the boiler

Isolate your boiler from both water and electrical supply and obtain professional help to remedy the faults is the best course of action.

4. Boiler Smells Strange

  • Your boiler can make strange smells – some are a sign of danger and others are just leaks
  • If you can smell gas or a burning smell, your boiler should be switched off at the gas and electric supply and you should seek immediate professional assistance from a gas safe heating engineer
  • If the boiler is giving a stale smell, this can be caused by leaking water from the system. This can be quite pungent but is nothing to be concerned about with safety

5. Boiler Smells of Gas

  • If you can smell gas from the flue system on the exterior of your property, this is quite common and is usually nothing to worry about, but you should still switch the boiler off and ask for your boiler to be inspected and serviced by a professional gas safe engineer
  • On the other hand, if you’re smelling gas from anywhere inside your property, or from the boiler, you may have a gas leak.
  • If you suspect a gas leak, switch off all the electrical supply, isolate and turn off your gas supply at the gas meter and seek emergency gas-safe help to inspect your boiler as this is more than likely a dangerous situation and should be dealt with immediately

6. Boiler is Leaking Water

  • If your boiler is leaking water, it’s not really a danger to you unless the boiler is still switched on or running, but might be a danger to your property as water can do significant damage to floors, furniture, electrics and appliances, especially below the boiler
  • If you’re in a flat, the property below may also in jeopardy
  • For your own safety, keep away from any electrics whilst the boiler is leaking
  • Isolate your water supply to the boiler and turn off the electrics to the boiler or in the vicinity to the leaking boiler
  • Use a container or towels to stem the flow of water and seek qualified assistance to remedy the faults

What to do if your Leaking Boiler is Dangerous

If after you’ve checked these 6 issues and still aren’t sure whether your leaking boiler is dangerous then contact a qualified gas heating engineer like us for advice.

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