Help! My Boiler’s Been Switched Off. Boiler Flue Install is Dangerous. What Now?

If your boiler been switched off and classed unsafe with a warning label because your boiler flue no longer meets current building regulations, then this article will guide you what the current boiler flue regulations are and what your next steps are.

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Boiler Flue Regulations – Jan 2013

Since January 2013 the building regulation authority have required that all room-sealed flue boilers that have flue systems installed in walls, ceilings or floors need to be regularly inspected for safety when undertaking Gas safety checks, servicing or landlord gas safety certification.

A gas-safe heating engineer classes a boiler ‘at risk’ when there’s no way of inspecting the flue system. At the same time, he will switch the boiler off. He should then advise you of the necessary requirements to meet current building regulations.

The risk of faults leading to the release of carbon monoxide increases as the system gets older. If the system hasn’t been serviced regularly then the risk is greater. Therefore, it’s important to have your gas boiler and appliances safety checked annually.

Possible reasons for de-commissioning boiler flues:

  • Your property was built and/or your central heating system was installed before the new regulations came into effect. This means it was possible and acceptable to box in a flue without access panels. However, regulations have changed to improve safety and lessen the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • The boiler flue of your heating system doesn’t meet current building regulations, even if it did before. Consequently, the engineer switches off your boiler and makes it inoperable until the flue problem has been resolved.
  • There is no access to inspect the boiler flue system.
  • Your boiler flue is in the ceiling or the walls and can’t be seen or accessed.
  • A gas central heating engineer has switched off your boiler and made it unusable.
  • There is no other way to install the flue system.

Possible solutions to boiler flue problems:

  • Access panels installed/created for your boiler flue. The access panels will allow for inspection at every joint to the termination point of the flue for safety. This may mean cutting a hole into the wall or the ceiling, wherever is feasible to create the access panel.
  • Due to the position of the flue or the length of the flue run or the damage and unsightliness of access panels means that you want to re-site your boiler so that the  flue system (ie re install your boiler so the flue will not need access panels and the boiler is on an outside wall).
  • Install an electric boiler so as you will not need any access panels or any flue systems.

Who to contact:

  • To get a full assessment of your boilers flue situation contact us.
  • If you live in a rented property then the responsibility of the problem lies with your landlord so get your landlord to contact us.
  • For a property less than two years old then contact your builder.
  • If your property is between two and ten years old we can provide a free no obligation estimate.

If your gas inspector or heating engineer turned off your boiler, then contact us today for a free central heating home assessment and get your heating reinstated.

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