Our Tony Hernandez explains and shows you exactly how to clean a MagnaClean Filter with simple tools.

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The Magna Clean Filter is usually fitted as part of a boiler installation and keeps the boiler free of sludge build up by attracting metal particles in the water that circulates in the system.

Consequently the filter needs regular cleaning as it attracts the sludge to it. This is done during an annual boiler service but it is something you can do yourself.

Watch the video to see how to clean a MagnaClean filter.

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What is a MagnaClean Filter

A MagnaClean filter is usually fitted as part of a boiler installation and keeps the boiler free of sludge build up by attracting metal particles in the water that circulates in the system.

Without a MagnaClean filter, metal particles that are in the water circulating in the boiler collect as sludge within the system and cause the black water you see when you bleed a radiator. It also causes undue wear and tear on the heat exchanger within the boiler itself, thereby shortening the effective life and efficiency of the boiler.

How does a MagnaClean Work

When you have a MagnaClean filter fitted, it collects attracts the particles that cause sludge and this can then be cleaned off as part of a regular boiler service. It’s also something you can do yourself.

The MagnaClean consists of an inner magnetic core. This core is an exceedingly strong magnet that attracts the metal particles that exist in the water that circulates through the boiler. You can watch a video about how the MagnaClean works here

How to Clean a MagnaClean Filter – Tools Needed

First, you need the key that came with the MagnaClean Filter.

This key has a bigger end for taking the top off and a little end for the nuts.

You can also use a small spanner.

On the MagnaClean filter, there are two valves, one at the top, one at the bottom.

Turning these valves off stops the water going through, thereby isolating the MagnaClean.

Step 1: Isolate the MagnaClean

Use the provided tool or spanner to turn the valve off, ensuring the valve is crossways to the pipe.

Do this to both the top and bottom valves.

Step 2: Remove the Cap from the Top

Now that the MagnaClean is isolated the cap at the top of the MagnaClean can be removed.

Use the provided tool to twist the cap off, then lift the central core out.

Step 3: Clean the Outer Sleeve

You will see sludge collected on the outer sleeve of the core assembly, so remove the central magnet out. The part we need to clean is the outer sleeve.

The outer sleeve can be cleaned under running water.

Step 4: Reassemble the MagnaClean

After cleaning the sludge off the sleeve insert the magnet core.

Then put the whole assembly back in the MagnaClean filter housing.

Make sure you get it in at the right angle as it should slide right back in.

Then screw the cap back on, making sure it’s nice and tight using the spanner tool provided.

Then undo the top valve and the bottom valve to allow the water back in, making sure the valve heads are now parallel with the pipe.

And that is how to clean and service the MagnaClean filter.

How Often to Clean MagnaClean Filter

The MagnaClean filter should be should cleaned every time the boiler is serviced in order to keep your boiler running safely. It thereby stops breakdowns and further damage to your boiler.

MagnaClean Servicing

And that is how to clean a MagnaClean Filter. As you can see it’s fairly simple to do.

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