Water Softener Installations

Water Softener Installations

In London, Watford, Hertfordshire and Middlesex Locations

We install water softener installations so you can experience better showers and baths.

Clothes are softer from your washing machine and there’s NO horrible limescale residue.

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Today’s Water Softener Installations

Lots of people are having water softener installations theses days. The cost of cleaning products and health issues with skin and hair conditions make the installation of a water softener a no brainer decision. Especially when you realise how much easier it is to keep your bathrooms clean and appliances in the utility room working well. There’s fewer central heating breakdowns. Washing machines and dishwashers last a lot longer and do a better job of cleaning so what’s not to love about having a water softener installed.

What you notice after having a Water Softener Installations:

No Limescale Residue on taps

no need to clean shower screens and enclosures after each use

hair and skin feels softer

significantly fewer repairs to your central heating and appliances

less cleaning products and soap consumption (save money)

No need to buy limescale removal products

water softener installations
water softener installations
water softener salt

How it works:

We agree a date and time to suit your schedule.

We will call you when our engineer is on their way, so that you can be ready for their arrival.

Our engineers will arrive at the agreed time, show identification and be wearing our official Advanced Heating & Plumbing uniform.

We will answer any questions and give you our expert advice throughout the whole process.

We know that having strangers in your home can be uncomfortable, so we’ll do our best to put you and your family at ease.

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In London, Watford, Hertfordshire and Middlesex locations

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How much space does a water softener take up?

The more space the better, but don’t worry water softeners have evolved and now can fit in a small cupboard just like a small dustbin

What are the benefits of softened water?

The main benefit to be absolutely honest is the luxury of soft water giving you a better experience when showering or bathing, soaps explode into a sea of softening foam whether washing yourself or your hair or the bathroom. Clothes come out softer from your washing machine, washing powders and cleaning products last much much longer as you need less of them and there’s NO horrible limescale on taps, showerscreens and bath surrounds.

Do I have to be there when you come to install?

You may leave our engineers to work on their own, knowing that your home will be respected and treated as such during the work. We can provide key collection, if necessary.

How much disruption to my home will it cause?

We take every care and precaution to leave your home in the same condition we found it. Wherever possible , we take reasonable measures to ensure that any disruption is minimal.

Where do Water Softeners get installed?

Water softeners are usually installed in a kitchen or utility room but also can be installed in garage, cellar or shed or even under the stairs.

What does a water softener installation cost?

There are many different shapes and sizes of water softeners to suit your individual needs. This all has an impact on the total cost of your water softener installation . The cost of the water softener for standard domestic use, starts at around £600.

What are the ongoing costs for Water softeners?

Ongoing costs for running water softeners include water softener salt.

The annual salt usage for a family of four, in a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms:

Suggested softener: the average domestic under sink water softener

Estimated monthly running costs for a domestic water softener: £5.40 per month (£65.00 per year).

Where do I buy salt for my water softener from?

You can buy water softener salt readily from online stores like Amazon or from your DIY or hardware store.

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What They Say

Tony has worked for us twice, the last a difficult job replacing an aged boiler that was in a confined space. He was very well organised and professional and he and his colleague Taylor always courteous. When replacing the controller, there was a particular problem created by our old programmer’s wiring and he worked on it relentlessly until the system was working perfectly. Definitely recommend.

David Fisk

Tony and Taylor were very efficient and friendly. We went out and left them to get on with the work of installing our new boiler. When we came back the job was done: very much to my satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Peter Chadwick

Superb service provided by the boys from AHP – an old boiler inspected and the new one installed in record time; throughout this the guys were professional and skillful whilst remaining friendly and personable at all times, answering every question and returning phone queries within minutes. I would not hesitate to call again should the need arise and can only recommend their effectiveness and friendly demeanor.
Dal K.

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